Ten Days of Prayer for Peace in 2022


The Church of Japan will enter into this period of prayer for peace this year from the 6th to 15th of August. With the call of Archbishop Kikuchi of the Catholic Tokyo Archdiocese, let us also pray for peace.

At the masses of the 19th Sunday of the ordinary time, we will recite the following prayer after the general intercessions.

2022 Catholic Tokyo Archdiocese
Ten Days of Prayer for Peace

“Prayer for Peace”

O Most Merciful Father,

Save us from all evil.
And grant peace to our present age.

Whenever we feel too helpless to change our reality

Teach us how a small step, a small prayer
Could help us realize Your justice.

May our brothers and sisters in Myanmar

who are left in darkness
Be illuminated by the light of hope
that will free them from all darkness.
Help them to achieve true peace and reconciliation.

In many parts of the world where violence dominates

May Your will be done and peace be established.

We ask this through the King of peace,
Your Son Jesus Christ.


Blessed Mother Mary, pray for us.


(Approved by the Archbishop of Tokyo)

Archbishop of Tokyo “During this Ten Days of Prayer for Peace, let us not forget this year to pray anew for the people of Myanmar.

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