【IMPORTANT】Regarding the Correspondence of Mass Participation after July, 2022

【IMPORTANT】Regarding the Correspondence of Mass Participation after July, 2022

In accordance with the “RE: FURTHER RELAXATION OF COVID-19 COUNTERMEASURES” announced by the Archdiocese of Tokyo on June 24, 2022, the Meguro Church has changed its response of the mass participation for the Sunday masses from July 3rd (including the Tagalog mass on July 2nd) as follows.

  • You no longer need to apply for Sunday mass every week. Please come to church before the start time of the mass you want to attend.
  • Please continue to cooperate in wearing masks on the church premises, checking the temperature and disinfecting hands at the entrance, and disinfecting seats after mass. (As for masks, the use of “non-woven masks” is recommended in the announcement by the Archdiocese of Tokyo.)
  • The capacity of one mass is 120 people. Please take a seat in the place with the “Mass Participant Seat” tag from the front row. Please cooperate with the instructions of seating.
  • If the number of participants exceeds the capacity, you may be refused to join the mass.

Other details shall be in accordance with the “STAGE 2 PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES AS OF JUNE 25, 2022.”

Please note the following.

  1. No need to make reservations to participate in mass. We will stop all the application forms in our parishioners-only page this week. Please come directly to the mass you want to attend.
  2. We will no longer be informing you about the start of mass applications on the LINE app, but we may send important notices depending on the status of coronavirus infection through the LINE app too. If you would like to receive messages in the future, please keep registered for our account.


For the inquiry regarding the conditional public mass during COVID-19, please contact us at oshirase@catholicmeguro.org or at our LINE account from the following button. 

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