Registration For Mass Application System

※This registration is for our mass application system.
(You can see the detailed information from this page.)
※Only parishioners of Meguro Church can register.
(Please see the below instruction if you are not registered as a parishioner and wish to belong to our church.)
※Fill in the below form, proceed with “next” button. When completed, make sure to press “send” button to submit the information. 

If the above form is not shown, please use the below button to open the form.

Instruction to Register as a Parishioner of Catholic Meguro Church

1. If you haven’t registered as a parishioner yet and wish to belong to our church, please download the registration paper from the below button.
2. Please print out the paper and fill in all the applicable information.
3. Obtain important documents such as your certificates of baptism and confirmation so that the church can create your parishioner’s record with accurate information. We understand it might be difficult to get these copies, but please at least make an effort to have them even in photo data.
4. After you fill in the form and have documents at your hand, please call our church office (03-3491-5461) and make an appointment to see our chief priest. He will review your information on the form and add your record in the database.
5. Once you are registered as a parishioner of our church, please go back to the above online registration form “Confirmation of Affiliation and Request for Registration” and send us your information. Also send an email to and let us know that you have submitted the documents. We will check your information with the church office and issue your Mass Application ID after we confirm your record.
6. Please inquire at if you don’t receive any mails from us within 1 week.

* Please understand that our chief priest may recommend you to go to the nearest Catholic church in your residential area if you don’t live in our parish.
* You need to inform your former parish of your moving-out if you had been registered at any other churches in Japan.

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